Friday, March 18, 2011

my own personal easter

i was in my office yesterday morning, as i always am on thursday mornings, honoring office hours and getting things done.  i was sitting in the same chair i've sat in for 8 months.  i was working at the same computer, following the same routine, and shuffling through a sleepy sameness.  as the clock's big hand finished it's final ascent towards lunchtime, i packed up my things and prepared to make the same walk home that i've done all winter.  i closed the same office door (yawn),  went down the same hallway (snore), and then out the same exit to the outside, like some sort of routinized robot. 

and then...

about five or six steps out the door, i had my own personal easter moment.  it was so overwhelming that i actually spoke outloud as i walked through the parking lot.  i couldn't help it: the sun was shining down on me in such a shower of warmth that my soul felt like it literally rose from the dead, and i felt praise well up in me beyond my control.  it was so spontaneous that i'm not even sure of all that i said, but as i walked i remember that i blurted out, "thank you Jesus!  i believe again!" 

i'm not even sure what i meant by that, but that's what came out.  i guess my soul recognized what i was too blind to really see: that i was in the midst of witnessing a beautiful and natural resurrection.  winter, which has kept me bundled up in sweater-stretched sameness for months, has not won the victory!  the sun, perched as usual in the heavens, wasn't so shy with her winter-crushing warmth.  and my very soul unfolded like a spring flower, full of faith and hope and joy.  it's just a regular miracle, the kind we've grown so accustomed to, but it is a miracle nonetheless; a remarkable resurrection story.  we are yet alive! 

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Amen Greg