Wednesday, March 30, 2011

flying alligators: a random wednesday

each day in school jack does something called kidwriting.  each kid in the class has to think of a sentence and then do their best to write the sentence down phonetically.  he started off quite simple, but as the kindergarten year has progressed, his kidwriting has become more complex.  i was impressed with his story yesterday, which involved an alligator swallowing a balloon, floating in the air, and being shot down to the ground by a bow and arrow.  so, we decided to use his DSi to animate the story.  i turned it into a .gif and present it here for your viewing pleasure.  enjoy it. 

-in other randomocity, shannon made chicken paprikash for dinner on monday night ("excuse me waiter, there is too much pepper in my paprikash.").  she has never made paprikash, and i have never tried it.  oh man, was i missing out.  it was soooooo good, and i don't lightly throw around extra 'o's.'  seriously.  it was phenomonal.  if i was a better blogger i would have taken a really beautiful picture of it and shown it to you, but the truth is that i was too busy devouring it to bother with photography.  so good.  soooooooo.good.  if i had taken a picture, it would have looked something like this:

-hines ward.  oh, hines ward.  really?  i love you, man, but i'm really struggling here.  have i truly sunk so low that my monday night revolves around watching you prance around a stage with in sparkly suspenders?  the 'judges' say you can dance, and i'll have to take their word for it.  all i know is that we might not have football this year, so watching you do the jive in a fedora might be as close as it gets. 

-radiohead's new album came out a few weeks back, but it just hit itunes this week, and if you are a radiohead fan, i totally recommend it. it is called "the king of limbs," and it is right in line with what i think is the best of their catalog (ok computer, amnesiac).  it is certainly a bit more experiential than their previous album "in rainbows," but it has that classic radiohead layering of blips and beeps, all woven together with great guitar riffs.  it's only 8 songs, and just over a half-hour of music, but it'll get a ton of playtime on my ipod. 


julie said...

i love the .gif - it was a .gift to me! (sorry)

i know it's cheesy with hines on dwts, but how many times did they mention "Steeler Nation" on Monday night? more than a few!

i had that paprikash (sp) dinner at a friend's house recently! it WAS delish but seth and i had to put all of our clothes in the laundry when we got home - we had brought a very strong scent home with us! haha. totally worth it.

Megan said...

I love seeing Hines on DWTS - I hate being forced to watch the whole thing on to see him at the end though. I have never watched in the past and I just love seeing him in a different setting - my hope is that he converts even more of America to become part of Steeler Nation!!