Tuesday, February 01, 2011

sometimes you just want it more: slideshow

as you have no doubt noticed by now, i've been taking photos from every steelers victory throughout this season and playing with them to create little sports-art cards.  it's completely and totally amateur, but i've had fun doing it, and i've always loved sports photography, so it's been fun to just play with it with tools that are widely available and easy to use. 

you also probably know that i assigned a phrase to this year's steelers team, pointing out that this particular manifestation of the pittsburgh steelers seemed hungry - ravenous even - for another championship.  despite so many odds and unfortunate circumstances, these steelers kept demonstrating a steel will, and so i kept coming back to my phrase: "sometimes you just want it more."  after every victory i would find a way to incorporate this theme with a photograph (or two or three) in addition to the other photos i was playing with.  by the end of the season, i had quite the catalog of images, so i decided to put many of them together here in a slideshow (set to my favorite ever steelers song:  steeler nation rise by joby harris) for your perusal/enjoyment.  admittedly they are very basic and amateur.  it wasn't meant to be about demonstrating graphic skill and acumen.  it was simply another way for me to express my love of and joy about the pittsburgh steelers and their quest for a seventh championship this year.  enjoy!

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