Tuesday, February 22, 2011

our icy jester

 yesterday i woke up and wrote of impending spring. 

then i got dressed, went outside and made this guy with my children:

i suppose we could call him the last sentinel of winter, but that not only seems a little pretentious, but also a little premature.  winter may still have some more up her sleeve.  so, rather than curse her persistence and her over-stayed welcome, we made a "cat in the hat" snowman as a kind of a farce; a snowy court-jester if you will. 

do you see us, winter?  we aren't bothered by your persistent assault.  we are smiling.  we are still smiling at you, winter.  now, go away. 


Mary said...

February 22nd....snow day for me! First one of the season!

Mrs. Milinovich said...

Yes. I am staying home today too. No school; too much snow. I know it's still winter, but I am longing for spring. Love the Cat in the Hat snowman. Dr. Seuess would be pleased.