Thursday, February 10, 2011

new collage: agents wanted

now that football season is over, i have turned some attention back to collage-making.  i'm currently working on one about new life/birth/creation that will be a gift to some friends who will be doing a fundraising auction event to raise some money for their church and ministries.  i love being able to do stuff like that, and i'm having a ton of fun getting back into the glue and paint, so i'm glad they asked me to do it! 

so i thought i'd take this thursday as an opportunity to share with you a collage i made a few months ago:

"agents wanted"
mixed media collage on hardcover book binding
gregory a. milinovich

and just for the fun of it, can i get some captions for this picture:

have a most amazing day!


Emoly said...

"This is not what I had in mind when I freed the slaves..."

Greg C. said...


Mrs. Milinovich said...

Well, they said not to put anything in there smaller than your elbow!

greg. said...

hahaha...thanks for the laughs. love it.

here's my caption:

"four ladders and seven giant q-tips ago..."