Monday, February 28, 2011

from the ashes

"from the ashes"
mixed media collage on canvas
gregory a. milinovich

as i've already recently mentioned, i was approached about whether i would donate a collage or two to an auction being held by a church in which i have several friends who are doing some great ministry to young people in new jersey.  i agreed, and when i found out that the theme was going to be about new life or rebirth, i was instantly inspired and knew that i wanted to do something original rather than just donate one of my old collages. hit the orange "keep reading" link below to read more and see more pics of this collage. 

 i had purchased an old canvas from a yard sale in which someone had painted some apocalyptic scene, and it has been sitting in my art room for years, waiting to be renewed.  so i knew that this was the right time.  i wanted to give this canvas new life - new birth.  so i did.  i painted it.  i glued paper to it.  i glued puzzle pieces and bits of tissue paper and old sunglasses lenses and whatever else i could find that would help me illustrate the idea that life can grow from the ashes.  i have found this to be true in my own life, that some of my greatest successes have come as a result of some of my deepest failures.  the most vital and vibrant points of light seem to grow from bud to bloom right in the midst of the manure of life.  and that's what i was trying to illustrate with this new collage. 


Mary said...

i LOVE it. truly inspired.

greg. said...

awww...thanks. glad you like it. it was really fun to make.

Emoly said...

were you inspired by DC*Bs video "SMS Shine"? Even if you weren't, it makes me think of that. I like both!!