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45 thoughts, pictures, links, videos, and other ways to get you pumped for the big game

oh man, i am literally quivering with excitement, and it's still 2 days, 9 hours and 55 minutes until kickoff as i write this.  so, as i watch the hands of the clock creep casually towards kickoff, i thought i'd share with you a few of my thoughts about the game...

I.  i absolutely heart being a steelers fan.  it is unbelievable to be a fan of a team that not only has a consistent winning tradition, but that also continues to behave itself in ways that make you proud.  as an organization of owners, directors, coaches, scouts, trainers, assistants, players, administrators and so forth and so on, alot can go wrong.  and i can't say i approve of every little thing the organization has ever done, but overall, from the choice of which coach to hire, to which players to release, to which contracts to sign and so on, i admire the choices the steelers make and the way they do business.  plus they keep winning in the process.  it is just really fun. 

II.  is there any more intimidating color combination in all of football?  that shiny black helmet with the bold "gold" stripe, with the logo only on one side, just says, "we are going to pound you on this football field and impose our will on you for these 60 minutes.  awesome.

III.  you know the song "empire state of mind" by jay-z about new york?  well, there's a pittsburgh version now, and it's not terrible.  just click here, then right click on the words "pittsburgh version of empire state of mind" under the jay-z picture.  then click "save target as" and save it to your computer.  then imagine that you are driving dawntawn listening to B94.  yinz'll love it.

IV. everyone's got an opinion about the outcome of this game on sunday.  i'd like to see a chart with all the talking heads from all the networks and who they picked.  can't say for sure, but it seems like a majority are picking the packers.  if someone can get me this chart that would be awesome, that way i'll know who to send nasty emails to when the steelers win. 

V.  what is better, steel or cheese?  this video answers that age old question. 

VI.  superbowl ticket prices have become ludicrous.  $2,500 for a ticket to a football game?  seriously?  it would be a dream come true for me to get to see the steelers in a superbowl live, but i would never part with that much scratch to watch a football game.  just ridiculous. 

VII.  maurkice pouncy has been ruled out of the game on sunday.  to be honest, i'm surprised, because i thought they'd give him a chance, but i'm glad they made the decision and will give the big legursky a chance to succeed.  feel bad for pouncey, though.  what a rookie season he's had, and it stinks that it ends this way for him.  still, he's got a very bright future ahead of him.

VIII.  yeah, i've got more of these points.  just click on the "keep reading" link below to see what else i've got, including my rant about mike tomlin, and my kudos to ben roethlisberger for his rendition of "piano man." 

IX.  the steelers will be wearing their white "away" jerseys for this game, just as they have in the last two superbowls that they've won.  the mojo-ist in me thinks that it's good luck that they've won in those jerseys the last two times, but there's another part of me that wishes i could see them in the black - more intimidating and awesomely awesome - jerseys. 

X.  best steelers tattoo ever?

XI.  bell bellicheat just won the 2010 nfl coach of the year award.  that's fine, i guess, even though i personally have very little respect for a man who has been caught cheating, continues to display terrible sportsmanship, and then gets rewarded for his team's success. 

XII.  but what really got me upset is that coach mike tomlin didn't even receive one vote.  not one vote.  let me rant for a moment:  why would bellicheck win the award, while tomlin failed to recieve even one measly vote?  didn't many prognosticators predict the patriots would win their division?  after all, they have the high and holy tom brady as their quarterback.  some may have predicted that the jets would win, but there were many analysts who recognized that new england still had pieces in place for a legitimate chance to win that division.  and they did.  ho hum.  on the other hand, i know of only one nfl predictor (other than the local homers) who picked the steelers to win their division.  not only that, but most had the steelers finishing third in the division behind the bengals and the ravens.  third!  not even making the playoffs!  and so how is it that coach tomlin gets no respect at all for taking a very difficult situation (ben's off field antics and subsequent suspension) and turning it into a successful season?  ridiculous.  absolutely ridiculous.  andy stinkin' reid even got a vote!  for what?  i don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, but, what the heck, man?  that doesn't make any sense. 

XIII.  if you're on twitter, this is a really cool website.  someone has set it up so that everytime someone sends a tweet with the hashtag #steelernation , a mechanical arm twirls a terrible towel.  we're trying to keep it twirling right up until kickoff. 

XIV.  i wish gus johnson was calling the game sunday. 

XV.  troy is not a lady.  (from youtube)

XVI.  i'm using this keyboard to type this. 

XVII.  yum.

XVIII.  it was apparently big news a couple of days ago when the awesome journalistic enterprise known as TMZ reported that ben roethlisberger was seen in a north texas piano bar with some of his offensive lineman drinking a rum and coke and singing "piano man."  it was further reported that he bought drinks for the entire bar, racking up an $800 tab and then tipping an additional $200.  this was reported as if it was a problem.  well, it wasn't.  he was back to the hotel before curfew.  he wasn't driving.  he was with his team.  he was being generous.  i mean, really, what is the problem here?  are our "heroes" on such a pedestal that we won't allow them to be normal people?  i actually appluad him for being normal, because if i had been through all that he has, i probably would be much too private to be able to still be able to have a good time with my teammates.  good for him. 

XIX.  give yourself a brett kiesel beard. 

XX.  stairway to seven.

XXI.  or this song.

XXII.  or yet another one.

XXIII.  and speaking of lady gaga, there's always this:

XXIV.  the dogs like the steelers:

XXV.  and so do the cats:

XXVI.  how awesome is it to be able to play this game in the jerry jones-majal, home of "america's" cowboys?  i will tell you awesome it is:  YEEEEEE-HAAAAAWWWWW! 

XXVII.  this is what happens when cheeseheads meet the steel curtain:

XXVIII.  when the steelers are NOT in the superbowl, i really enjoy seeing the commercials.  but when they are, i have no time for the commercials.  i'd rather watch them the next day on youtube.  seriously, commercials are just an opportunity to catch your breath in between the rest of the game.  that's all they are to me.
XXIX.  i want this van:

or this car

XXX.  i know many of you will go to a party (or two) to watch the superbowl.  i, for one, will be watching the game at home with my family.  when it comes to big games like this, i have a "no-civilian" rule.  i can't be having non-steeler fans who want to talk about the commercials or aaron rodgers' eyes.  i can't even deal with the nominal steeler fan, you know the ones who know who troy polamalu is, but can't name the other steelers safety.  no civilians.  period.

XXXI.  i think we know who the commander-in-chief (POTUS) will be cheering for

XXXII.  one of my biggest fears for the superbowl isn't about legursky, or about the packers' passing attack.  it's about what wardrobe malfunction fergie's going to have at halftime.  dear fergie and the rest of the BEP crew: this isn't about you.  okay thanks, that is all. 

XXXIII.  i know that everyone is talking about the packers' strength matching up nicely with the steelers' weakness, and that they'll be able to pass with ease against us.  this may be true, but i think the balance of the game may lie more in the ability (or lack thereof) of the respective running games.  will the packers be able to run against one of the better run defenses in memory?  will they be able to bottle up rashard mendenhall?  i think this may be a bigger factor in the game than many are saying, mostly because the other storyline is sexier. 

XXXIV.  one of the things that absolutely infuriates me is how football fans have largely lost their collective minds.  in the age of fantasy football, stats have come to mean everything.  if i ask you which quarterback you would rather have: ben roethlisberger or drew brees, how many would take brees.  most people would.  or what if i said roethlisberger or peyton manning?  even more would take manning over big ben, but why?  because peyton is better?  really?  prove it.  oh, his numbers are WAY better, that's true.  but who is more of a winner?  who is more clutch?  who throws his team under the bus when he loses (see the postgame press conference after the divisional playoff loss in 2005)?  who has more rings?  look people, stats aren't everything.  they just aren't.  they are something, sure.  but only one thing among many.  there is also leadership.  and teamwork.  and pure will to win.  and instinct.  and improvisational skills.  and performing under pressure.  that doesn't show up in a fantasy football box score, but it separates the really talented qb's from the winners.  i'll take ben.  "I wasn't the fastest.  I wasn't the strongest.  But I did want to win more than anyone, and that will was what helped me accomplish what i did" -Joe Greene

XXXV.  on a serious note, the superbowl happens to be the site of an unbelievable amount of ugliness, including the atrocious act of human trafficking, which means girls are bought and sold against their will, used as objects for the pleasure of anyone with enough money.  as awful as it is, we ought to be aware of it, so click here to read a good article and get informed. 

XXXVI.  lest we forget, the steelers were just in a superbowl not too long ago.  how'd that turnout?

XXXVII.  and if that didn't pump you up, how about this one

XXXVIII.  and another one

XXXIX.  and still one more.  now you better be primed and pumped, baby!
XL.  on the menu for sunday?  kielbasa sandwiches with coleslaw.  yum.  oh, and chicken wings that shannon is frying up at home.  double yum. 

XLI.  and speaking of double "y" words, how about we win one this one for myron?  yoi and double yoi

XLII.  best stories for the steelers?  how about flozell adams leaving a long career with the cowboys to come and play right tackle for the steelers and finally make it to the big dance?  or how about shawn suisham and jeremy kapinos joining the team halfway through the season?  or bryant mcfadden, antwaan randle el and larry foote coming home like prodigal sons, only to be treated to the fatted calf?  of course there's rashard mendenhall, who didn't get to be a part of the last superbowl becauseof the broken collarbone experienced at the hands of ray lewis and the ravens.  lots of great things to celebrate this time around. 

XLIII.  and speaking of the ravens, just try this little excercise with me:  sometime in the middle of the first quarter, when it has finally registered that the talking is all over and there is a real game being played, just take a moment and imagine ray lewis, terrell suggs, t.j. houshmanzwhatever and joe flacco.  imagine where they are at that particular moment.  maybe sitting in a stadium chair.  or at home on their couch.  just imagine what that must feel like for them, watching their bitter rivals on the sport's biggest stage.  and then realize just how lucky you are to be a pittsburgh steelers fan.

XLIV. let's hope there's another one of these:

if so, let's meet up, because i will definately be there.

XLV.  ...and finally, my prediction.  i think that the packers offense will have some success against the steelers defense, especially in the passing game with quick passes.  i think the steelers defense will do alot of bending, but not so much breaking.  i think that the steelers offense will have more success that most are expecting against this defense, with a balanced running and passing attack.  steelers win, 27-20. 

ps.  even if they don't win, i will be somewhat satisfied.  i mean, don't get me wrong, i'll be sad, and probably mad, but it won't be the worst feeling in the world.  i'm still going to feel blessed that the steelers got to be in the game - their third in the last few years - and proud of what this team accomplished this year.  plus, i can't work up any kind of hatred for the packers.  they're a good team, a quality opponent, and a traditional and solid franchise, just like, um, the steelers.  so, win or lose, it's going to be fun, and i'm going to be proud to be a steeler fan.   go steelers!


Mark Alves said…
Mission accomplished: I'm pumped! What a great list. I'm definitely going to use the "civilian" line when asked about why I'm not having a Super Bowl party this year.
Emoly said…
Ellen's cow (yes, her cow) picked the Steelers. So if you think a cow can predict the outcome of a game or if you think the experts can pick the outcome of the game, one way or the other you're a winner.

Now, let's remember this fact: the Packers were beat by the Lions.

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