Tuesday, January 04, 2011

recharged: reconnected

this january here at Catawissa Avenue United Methodist Church we have started a series called The Recharge Project, in which we are admitting that many of us are spent, burned out, washed up, and worn out.  after a long year, after the busy holidays, and facing the continued dark and cold of winter, many of us are running low on energy, passion and maybe even hope. 

so we are looking at ways that we, as people of faith, can be recharged.  last week we talked about being Redeemed, that God is ulitmately our power source and provides us with the energy and life we need by forgiving us, loving us, and giving us a new chance.  unbelievable stuff, that is.  we call it grace, because we have to have a word for it, but there really is no way to capture it.  it is beyond comprehension.  we are loved!  hallelujah!

this week we will be talking about being Reconnected, in terms of the importance of being part of a community of faith.  when we are low on energy, out of hope, or just on cruise control, the community of faith can really help us discover new life.  they show us love.  they demonstrate forgiveness.  they imagine new ways of living.  they hold us accountable.  we live in a culture that wants to crucify the institutional church, and i understand some of that anger, but we can't deny the fact that people of faith need each other, like teammates or parts of your body.  we absolutely need one another, not just for survival, but to thrive and to rediscover our passion and our first love.  so join us this week as we delve into this topic in our continued effort to be Recharged by the One who is our power source. 

ps. my lovely wife designed all of our printed materials for this series, a couple of which you see above.  she is awesome!

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