Wednesday, January 05, 2011

my own 5 simple rules

a friend asked me the other day about what my word would be for 2011.  as i thought about it, i realized there is no way i could pick one word for the whole year.  i do, however, have 5 basic truths that i always keep coming back to.  each year - each day! - is an adventure in remembering and living into these 5 truths. 

here they are, roughly (they are always in some flux):

1.  i am beloved.

2.  i am made to love.

3.  today is an amazing gift: a great day to be alive.

4.  today is a day to be great.

5.  even though i mostly fail at it....die trying. 

there you go.  that is greg's life in a nutshell.  if there was a sixth one it might be:

6.  go steelers! 

just kidding. 

hope your wednesday is great!  and that you are great in it! 


Emoly said...

I used that as a devo for our girls bible study!! I had one word come to mind, calm. I'm a little scared what that means, but God is going to take care of us (ask Shannon for details). In the meantime, I need to remember to be calm and to stay calm.

Greg C. said...