Saturday, January 22, 2011

my mancave

a couple of years ago i shared a video of my living room which i turned into a steelers room during the playoffs.  you can see it here.

since then, we've moved, and i got a room that i could designate as my own mancave.  i thought i would share a video with you so you can see it.  you also get the added bonus of my children dancing around like fools.  enjoy. 

go steelers!

ps.  i'm going to the mall in selinsgrove, pa today to meet former steeler great andy russell.  i'll post pics when get home.

i got to meet andy russell today.  i got his new book:

and he signed it for me:

as well as a football card i had of his:

and i got my picture taken with him:

he was super nice and it was so cool to meet him, shake his hand, and see that superbowl ring (he was wearing the ring from superbowl IX).  to celebrate, this afternoon i watched "america's game" superbowl IX, in which andy russell is one of the main storytellers about the 1974 steelers and their successful season.  it's been a great steelers today, and i've got a great feeling about tomorrow!



Emoly said...

that's a lot more Steelers paraphernalia then I remember...

greg. said...

well, it keeps growing...

Happy said...

Wow~ impressive.

And I'm not just talking about the dancing.

Mary said...


greg. said...

thank you?