Friday, January 21, 2011

home of the towels

who would've thought? 

who would've thought that the steelers would be playing for the chance to go to the big game (peter king did!), and that they would be playing the game at home? 

raise your hand if you predicted that back in august..
*crickets chirping*

that's what i thought. 

and yet, here we are.  just a couple days away from the heinz field's second afc championship game in 3 years.  do you remember that game in january of 2009, against the baltimore ravens?  do you remember how the game was in question late until troy polamalu picked off joe flacco and returned it for a touchdown?  do you remember how heinz field came unglued?  i do.  but i also remember after the game, how none of the fans left.  they just stayed and sang.  and the players stayed on the field to celebrate with the fans.  it was magic. 

i want to see that again.  i want to see the place shake.  i want to hear "here we go steelers" echoing through the bitter-cold corridors of the city long after the game.  i want to see the steelers take the next step to seven.  and i want to see terrible towels.  zillions.  the swirling towel is the hallmark of heinz field.  and the best part is that nobody has to promote it.  when other teams (i'm looking at you baltimore) have tried their own version of the towel, they had to get a corporate sponsorship and pass the towels out to fans when they arrive.  not in pittsburgh, baby.  you bring your own towel.  sometimes two.  it's a necessity, just as important as your ticket.  and you better wave that thing like there's no tomorrow.  i don't care if you hurt your rotator cuff at last week's game.  i don't care if you don't have any arms - just put that thing in your teeth and twirl it around your head.  just twirl that thing and yell like everything depends on you being as loud as humanly possible.  heck, that's what i'll be doing and i won't even be at the game! 

so join me, steeler nation!  let's make some noise and wave our terrible towels.  let's join together like a nation of unity with one goal - one purpose.  let's enjoy this ride and, hopefully, take the next step to a 7th lombardi trophy. 

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