Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy 6th birthday to the birthday human!


anyone remember those commercials?  i do.  but my son doesn't  they're WAY before his time.  after all, he just turned 6 yesterday.  and he wanted a lego-themed party.  and his name is jack.  so, you can sing to him:


i know, so clever. 

in any case, shannon and the boys made a pretend cake out of actual legos:

we had trouble finding lego-brand party supplies, so we just went with primary colors, the cake of legos, and this awesome cake that shannon made, which is an extra-large blue lego brick.  check it out:

we used three lego guys to help hold some of the candles.  and the green around the bottom of the cake is fondant that was imprinted with a lego base.  the top part of the big lego is made out of oreos covered in fondant.  didn't shannon do a good job?  she's amazing. 

and now here is the birthday boy opening his presents.  did i say birthday boy?  oops!  i called him that yesterday and he corrected me, "not birthday boy, dad, birthday human!" 

ok.  birthday human it is. 

anyway, here is the birthday human opening some legos (of course) and a gift he has really been anticipating, a remote control snake. 

blowing out the candles:

yesterday they celebrated the birthday human's big day at school, and he said he would rather have cookies than cupcakes, so shannon made cookies that looked like legos and ones that look like the heads of lego guys.  seriously, these are awesome.  check them out:

we've had a great birthday celebration so far with one set of grandparents already having visited, and it will continue this weekend as his other set of grandparents will join us for round 2.  we party hard up in here.  from my perspective, i have to say that we are so blessed with such a wonderful, healthy, happy, talented, six-year old human.  he blesses me each and every day, and even at night when i go and check on his warm, sleeping body.  he, along with his brother, have enriched my life in ways i could never have imagined.  so happy birthday, little human.  i hope you have a great one and continue to build on it (get it?  legos...building...right?). 


Mary said...

wow! shannon is remarkable! I love it all! :) That lego thing that we got him (the shark in the picture), that's not the same thing you got him is it because I saved the receipt but forgot to send the gift receipt! Hope it's different... :)

Emoly said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! I didn't get around to telling you to share that with him yesterday (sorry, I'm lazy).

Yes, I definitely remember those commercials, and trying very hard to make Emily fit. It doesn't work too well.

At first I thought the Lego cake was the cake Shannon made. And I was uber impressed. But then I saw the actual cake and I was uber mcsuper impressed!! She is amazing and very talented! And then, she topped it off with the cookies. Wow. Unbelievable. I would try and guess at what would stump her, but since she already pulled off the shark cake, I don't think she'll ever find something that she can't make!

greg. said...

i'm going to ask her for a troy polamalu cake. see if she can do that.

NJ Grandma said...

Shannon did an awesome job on the LEGO theme. You "HUMANS" are lucky to have such a talented Mom. Hope all is well and Jack continues to have a great birthday.

Emoly said...

greg, somehow I think she can. (It would be funny if it was just the back of his head or something like that... hey, I can try to help her out!)