Sunday, December 05, 2010

steelers - ravens day!

it's finally steelers - ravens day.  here are a few hopes i have for the day:

 1.  let's hope flacco serves up a couple interceptions as kindly as he serves pizza to the greater baltimore area, and let's hope he throws them straight as a unibrow to the guys  in the black and gold. 

 2.  let's hope the ravens fans end up looking something like this.  and let it be quiet except for the steelers fans there.  i want to hear them. 

 3.  let's hope ray-ray can be put where he belongs.  if not behind actual bars, then behind the bars of some significant blocking so that mendenhall can pick up some yardage. 

 4.  let's hope it isn't a 24-23 overtime victory, which puts me in the hospital.  please?  can we please hope that we squash them? 

5.  let's hope that after today the only team on top of the afc north is the one from the steel city. 

fingers crossed...

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