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a few pics from our thanksgiving

we had a wonderful and abundant thanksgiving, as always.  here are a few pics. the one above shows our table settings complete with the cornocopia name holders that shannon and the boys made out of salt dough and runts.  the boys make the placeholders every year. 

here is our menu.  i think a couple things were forgotten, and it was amazing.  just yum.

here's shannon looking good.  and walking behind her is our new brother-in-law, whom my kids affectionately call "the tickle monster."  he's a great guy and we are thankful to have him in the family. 

this is black friday.  if you look carefully you can see that the microwave clock says 4:49.  that's A.M.  yep, we are that family.  what can i say?  old traditions die hard, i guess.  this is my sister mary acting angry (?) and dad trying to look sleepy.  i think.  i don't really remember, actually  it was too early. 


Emoly said…
did you get any good buys? (or are all they good buys that early?) We went out Wednesday night... very few people were out and all the stores were setting up their sales, so we got the prices (and they still had full shelves). How's that for an early bird?? I thought of you on Friday... Don't you all wear t-shirts? You should.
greg milinovich said…
hey em. what stores? the big box stores certainly wouldn't give you the black friday sales early. they really couldn't. there would be national riots if that were the case. people were camped out at target and best buy for over 24 hours. literally. camping. in tents. in line outside the door. crazy. if they knew that people were given doorbuster prices prior to that, there would be lawsuits and death threats. people are crazy about this stuff, and the big companies publish very clear guidelines about how it works. wal-mart this year had various doorbuster prices open up at various times, starting on the night of thanksgiving. pretty soon black friday will start on tuesday. we'll eat kfc in line at toys-r-us and call it thanksgiving. :(

and no, we don't do t-shirts. but we do all get in a huddle once inside the store and say something ridiculous like..."shoppping!"
Emoly said…
well, we got 50% off at Target, so maybe the whole thing is just another big conspiracy. We also went to the mall where it was 75% at NY & Co. *shrugs shoulders* I don't know what to say, except we got some sweet deals without the crazy lines! (there weren't any lines outside at our Target...)

Oh, that's right. You do the huddle. Close enough.. hehe You should think about shirts, Shannon is pretty good at that sort of thing

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