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captain awesome and other randomness

-11 days until Christmas.  get busy being peaceful.  or be peaceful about being busy.  whichever.  just make sure you're not being naughty. 

-does anyone else love the geico commercial with the pig saying wee wee all the way home?  i love that one. 

-the steelers play the bengals this week.  did you know that the bengals haven't won a game since september 26th?  that's like 2.5 months ago!  i was going to do a whole post about the things that have happened since september 26th, but i didn't have the mental energy to compile them.  halloween, elections, thanksgiving, blah blah blah...the bengals are bad.  that being said, the steelers could very easily lose this game sunday.  do you hear that, steelers?  i'm looking at you.  stay focused.  make up for that mess against the bengals at heinz field last year.  which i attended.  thanks for that, by the way.  i will forgive you a little if you beat the bungles this week.  get it done.

-in the category of the funniest news i've heard all week, this guy officially changed his name this week.  you know what he changed it to?  "Captain Awesome."  that is incredible.  what an amazing world we live in. 

-the pittsburgh penguins have won 11 games in a row.  how sweet is that? 

-quick interview of caedmon:
q:  why do we celebrate christmas?
a:  cause it's almost christmastime!

q:  where was Jesus born?
a:  in a wedding. 

q:  what are you buying jack for christmas?
a:  a big monster truck

q:  where does santa claus live?
a:  downtown.

q:  what are the reindeers names?
a:  i only know dudolph (pronouced dude-olph).  the reindeer are wearing running shoes right now.  (don't ask me where that came from!)

-anyone watch the office last night?  very good.  made me realize how much i'm going to miss michael scott when he's gone. 

-hope everyone has a great december weekend. 


Emoly said…
okay, I know you and Bill just type quickly, but please tell me that eleven days until Christmas is a typo and my math isn't that bad???

I haven't watched the Office yet, it's on the dvr... we watched Glee
greg milinovich said…
Good job paying attention! 15 days!
Emoly said…
okay, whew! Thanks :) I thought I couldn't count for a minute... haha
greg milinovich said…
either way, you better get busy. 4 days isn't that much different!
Emoly said…
The Office was fantastic. Who do you think (or do you know?) is going to replace Michael? My guess is Darryl.

I've been busy. I am done! Finished with Christmas prep. Finally.

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