Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving prayer

caedmon has recently been learning his "prayer before meals" at preschool.  for now, he is very anxious to practice it at every meal.  it has taken on a couple incarnations as he's learned it, which is good because it started like this:

God is great,
God is food,
let us thank him
for our food. 

which, one could argue, has some theological truth to it.  then for about a week we had seemingly mastered the whole thing:

God is great,
God is good,
let us thank him
for our food. 
By our hands
we are all fed
thank you, Lord,
for daily bread.

but i guess that was too long for him, so we've sort of settled on this rhyme-challenged version over the last several weeks:

God is great,
God is good
thank you for
our daily bread.

and while it isn't exactly a good rhyme, it is a good reminder to me each time i sit down with my family to eat: the goodness all around us comes from God.  and while i am so prone to focus on the un-goodness of my life (my food is too hot, i have to hurry up because i have a meeting to go to, why is my skull so flat in the back?, etc.) caedmon reminds me of the blessing of taking the posture of thanksgiving.  to simply proclaim, right in the midst of all my ridiculous abundance: God is awesome!  and all of this is God's good work!  thank you, God! 

have a grateful, grace-full day.


Emoly said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

greg. said...

and right back atcha! hope it is a blessed one!

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