Monday, November 08, 2010

the quest for 7

it's a monday.  they sometimes play football on mondays, right?   a quick check of the schedule tells me that the steelers play tonight.  tonight!  the steelers!  are you ready for some football?!? 

so, in honor of the greatness of the day, i thought i would share this picture with you.  a picture of something i just received in the mail on saturday.  no, not the car.  but my new license plate! 

you may think that the #7 is in honor of ben roethlisberger, and that would be fine, even though that isn't why i got it.  at least not completely.  i mostly chose number 7 because the steelers are on a quest for championship #7, and i hope it comes soon.  i will wear that hope on the back of my car so that everytime i pass a browns, ravens, cowboys, bengals or eagles fan, i will remind them of the greatness of the greatest franchise in the history of greatness.  they will be humbled by my dazzling license plate, or else wonder why i can't spell "steelers" (they only allow 7 characters and "steelers" was taken, fyi).  either way, i will be content. 

oh, and i will purposely leave my headlights on when i go to special events like school concerts where they will have to announce over the loudspeaker, "if you drive a blue sedan with the license plate STELRS7, you left your lights on."  and i would overtly stand up, pretending to be embarassed and say, "oh, how foolish of me, HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!"


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Love it!

cathyq said...

Oh yes, and you will just happen to be wearing something black and gold no doubt!