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our weekend in amish country

this weekend we had the wonderful privilege of spending an evening in lancaster, pa with some friends of ours from new jersey.  we met there on friday night and quickly proceeded to the bird-in-hand family restaurant where we made light work of the fried chicken on the buffet.  after waddling out and heading back to the hotel, we spent the next part of the evening with the kids in the swimming pool. 

after a good night's sleep, we woke up and went to intercourse (i'm not joking) to the kitchen kettle village. 

more of our adventure after the jump. 

all seven us of us took a ride through the countryside in an amish style buggy, driven by a man who had been born and raised in an amish family.  it was fun for the kids, but also really informative and interesting for the adults, not to mention beautifully scenic. 

after the carriage ride, we proceeded to eat our weight in kettle corn.  from there we went to the jam and jelly store, where we tried every imaginable jam and jelly, not to mention salsas and pickles.  the boys also got to ice their own gingerbread people:

after a lunch of pizza and french fries, we went to a railroad museum which was really cool.  the kids got to go on old railroad cars, go into a working train engine, see people in 1940's era costumes, and see a very impressive village made entirely of legos.  you can see from this picture that our children are very friendly with one another:

so we had a great weekend (albeit too short), in which we not only enjoyed an awesome amount of excellent eating, we simply enjoyed catching up with some friends.  big thanks to them for making the weekend possible, and making another memory for our family.  we had a great time. 


cathyq said…
I love to eat my way around Amish country too. Looks like you had a great time; I am jealous. I hope you ate some pepper jam for me!

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