Tuesday, November 02, 2010

jack-o-lanterns 2010

sorry for my absence...my own busyness combined with a disappointing steelers loss left me with no time yesterday.  but this morning i bring you the milinovich family 2010 jack o lanterns for your spooky pleasure. 

we made 7 jack-o-lanterns this year.  here is the biggest one:

here are the rest of them (you'll not that mine is the steelers one):

from left to right you've got frankenstein, steelers, jack's mean face, a ghost saying "boo," some flying bats, and the batman signal.  the jack-o-lantern photo shoot was going well until it started getting a little spooky.  take a look at this:

pretty creepy, right?  like the spirits or auras of the pumpkin are jumping out of them.  from there it got even crazier: 

so this could be some kind of supernatural halloween spookiness, or it could be that i was moving the camera quite a bit with the shutter open.  either way, it's pretty cool looking.  and it makes me hungry for pumpkin pie. 

tune in tomorrow to see buzz lightyear and darth vadar, aka my two sons in full-on trick-or-treat mode. 


cathyq said...

wow. 7? I can't wait for the costume picture. I've been waiting.

greg. said...

well, we were only going to do 4, but then we had a fifth one for a church thing and then Matt's mom gave us 2 little ones, so we carved them, too. it was fun!