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ravens week

yes, another steelers post.  this week is ravens week, which is to say that the steelers will be playing their divisional arch-rival on sunday, the aformentioned baltimore ravens.  i could go into a detailed analysis here about why i vehemently dislike the thuggs from baltimore, but i have decided instead to show you the evolution of their starting quarterback, joe flacco.  here's a picture of him from a few years ago.

then, after a year of facing the steelers and getting acclimated to losing, he began to grow some facial hair, so he looked like this:

it really is unfortunate, but the young quarterback who used to be a pittsburgh panther, started growing facial hair in the wrong places.  instead of a stylish goatee or a sophisticated handlebar moustache, he donned the infamous unibrow, as if to underline his forehead or serve as an eave for his eyes.  either way, it hurt to look at.  but his transition was only beginning, as it turns out.  because his most recent picture in the baltimore ravens media guide looks like this:

kinda looks like this guy, doesn't he? 

ladies and gentleman, the quarterback of the baltimore ravens:

here we go steelers, here we go!


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