Friday, October 08, 2010

a photo tour of my work life


everyday i walk to work.  which means i take the short walk over the beautiful brick building which is the Catawissa Avenue United Methodist Church, and settle into my lamp-lit office for a morning of work.  there are moments during that daily walk, or sometimes as i leave my office for a moment and catch a glimpse of the sun pouring through stained glass and shining off the rows of pews in the sanctuary, when i think that i just want to share this with all of you.  remember: my theology is that God is in all these mundane moments, from the color of the brick, to the cornerstone of legacy and memory; from the leathered patina of books lining the bookshelf, to the photographs of my precious children.  God is in all of this.  i just thought i'd let you in on my own little daily God-moments.  have a great friday!

 the view of my office from the doorway

my bookshelves

 my office view from my desk

a picture that hangs in my office of the way the church building used to look, with the old parsonage (which no longer exists) next door.   


Greg C. said...

Silly question: How come no orange or yellow/black? Those reserved for less, um, reserved places?!

greg. said...

great question, Greg. two answers:
1. it's there, it's just subtle. i have some orange stuff and a steelers mug in my office. so i choose not to give full expression to my fanaticism at work.
2. soon i will give you a photo tour of my new mancave, in the basement of our new parsonage. and it will be overwhelming to most of you to the point of you likely being concerned for my psychological well-being. less reserved, indeed. ; )