Tuesday, October 12, 2010


mixed media collage on hardcover bookboard
gregory a. milinovich

here's a collage i made awhile back but never let you see.  there is this sense i feel sometimes of the saints (which i interpret as all those who have gone before) weeping over us.  this isn't some orthodox belief, mind you, nor is it something that i'm dogmatic about.  it's just this sense i have sometimes.  like, when i screw up yet again, i'm not just disobeying God, but disappointing that "great cloud of witnesses," or breaking the hearts (again) of those who have loved me and are no longer in this world.  it can be a guilt thing which isn't healthy, but it can also be a great reminder of the legacy i've been given by my grandparents and the other mentors in life who are no longer here.  i carry them with me.  sometimes i imagine them smiling.  and sometimes i imagine them crying.  this collage is about the latter.

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