Wednesday, October 06, 2010

baby monkey on a pig

hey friends!  sorry, but it's been a crazy week over here at agent orange records.  i'm hoping to have some time in the next few days to post something thoughtful, but for today its mostly this:

and for those who are less enthused about the baseball postseason, then there is always this fascinating bit of culture:

now, go get a kleenex and wipe your eyes because you are either laughing at the pure ridiculousness of this, or crying at the meaninglessness.  either way, wipe your eyes and watch it again. c'mon, it's less than one more minute of your life.  then ask yourself, which one am i?  the pig or the monkey?  is my life more characterized by being...oh forget it, and just laugh a little!  life is a wild ride - might as well laugh a little while we're "holding on tight."  have a great wednesday and i'll be back tomorrow.  peace.


greg. said...

ps. big shout out to my friend Shawn for sharing this video with awesome!

Mary said...

we loved it :o) Crying from laughter :) and now its in my head!....