Thursday, September 23, 2010

the treasure behind the door

in one of his first days of school, jack brought home this drawing.  it's on the back of one of the papers he was supposed to color.  so, when he was finished making a yellow-green and raw umber kangaroo, he turned the paper over and drew this beauty.  i wasn't at all sure what it was when i first saw it, but was fairly impressed with the detail.  i was also struck by the genetics of the whole thing, as i distinctly remember that i also used to turn over my "dittos' when i was done with them and draw things.  for me, it was always trees.  and then a few days later, he brought this one home:

basically, you can tell that it's another version of the top one, albeit with a bit less intricacy.  this one, though, takes a bit clearer shape, and i asked him what was happening in this picture.  he very clearly (and as if a little exasperated that i didn't just know this) explained to me that these people were walking down the stairs to the door.  why are they walking to the door?  because there is treasure inside it.  why are there so many people?  because they all want to see the treasure. 

he keeps drawing the same picture!  here's another one:

now on this one, the door, he told me, is locked, and the people have to search for a key, which is buried in the dirt near the door.  again he told me that just beyond the door is "treasure." 

these drawings reminded me of my own life...of my own tendency to think that there's always some treasure beyond the next "door"...of my own forgetfulness when it comes to just enjoying the moment i'm in.  when i'm awake and aware enough to see it, i usually discover an immense amount of treasure wherever i am, but i am often too busy to see it because i am moving with the crowd towards the next "thing."  these pictures serve as a cute reminder for me that i don't need to unlock any door or climb any stairs or search for any key to find the treasure of my life.  it is right there in front of me: in a 5 year old boy who desperately wants me to play a game with him;  in a 3-year old who giggles like heaven when i tickle him;  in a wonderful wife who is a servant and an inspiration and a constant source of encouragement;  in a career and calling that is deeply satisfying and challenging and rewarding, all at once.  in all of these and more, i find the treasure chests of life lying open before me, if only i will notice them.  here's hoping you take notice today of the blessings in your present moment.  peace.


Crafty P said...

beautiful. thanks so much for sharing this.

julie said...

i love our little artist. I do try to "treasure" each day. Being present is sometimes a difficult thing, though it sounds so easy.

Emoly said...

I love the exploration and progression, or rather development, of his art. That he keeps striving to explain the picture and each day it improves and is clearer is amazing.

as a small side note: when shown a picture by a child, I have learned it is best to say, "tell me about it" instead of, "what is it"... I hope that helps ;)

Greg C. said...

Just catching up on older posts, so...can you come preach your Jeremiah sermon to us this week?! I think we really (really) need to hear that!! (Separately, one of the things I keep in mind is this: nothing ventured, nothing gained. And if God has placed an opportunity in front of me and it's not totally bizarre, well what would I say in 5, 10 years if I don't pursue it..."Gee I wonder what woulda.....")
Peace brother.