Saturday, September 25, 2010

saturday song: la la la la lemon

a Long standing tradition here is the saturday song, Likely a Lovable Lilting Lullabye of sorts, Lifting up the opportunity for you to Leave your normal Lists of music and Listen to something Little-known to you.  there is Little debate that i Love Lots of styles of music, and Like Leaving you with some to make you Laugh or Listen.  you've Likely Listened to this before, but if you're Like me, you Love seeing these two Long-time friends Leave Little room for doubt about their Love of L's.  hope you Like it. 

saturday song was brought to you today by the Letter L

1 comment:

Emoly said...

la la la la -leave the Lego's out

la la la la -let's not rake the leaves

la la la la -lead us all about

la la la la -don't roll up your sleeves

that's my contribution to the Lazy saturday L song