Saturday, September 04, 2010

saturday song: first breath after coma

well, glory of glories, it's here: football.  in all its wonderful varities: professional football is less than a week away, the always-exciting college games already started and continue today just in time to usher in this autumnish weather we're experiencing along the east coast, and the high school version, accompanied by so much adolescent drama and the sounds of cheerleading mixed in with rowdy student sections and over-zealous high school bands, just to name a few.  we've got football back, people, and it is glorious.

we took the whole family out last night to catch our local football team - the braves - in their season opener.  they lost, but we had a great time just taking in the smells and sounds of a late summer evening under the lights.  and it all felt so much like what i love about the show friday night lights, which is a great show.  and so for today's saturday song, i'm giving you an awesome - if pretty long - song from the band "explosions in the sky."  it's the band that provided the soundtrack for the friday night lights movie and will forever make me think of football on friday evenings in october, under the crisp autumn blanket of night air.  So glorious. 

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