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random: hobbits, crunchy leaves and wild, wild women

-first of all, i just want to wish a happy birthday to both bilbo and frodo baggins.  those bagginses have been an inspiration to me by their courage and relentless hope, so i would just hope they both have a great birthday.  how do i know it's their birthday?  i write on this date in my calendar each year.  am i a total nerd?  yeppers. 

-also, today is supposedly the final day of summer, although they are expecting temps in excess of 90 degrees here in central pennsylvania on friday.  still, as the heat of the sun says its final goodbyes, and the vibrant harvest colors of autumn take their cue, i find myself right smack in my favorite time of the year, weather-wise.  goodbye, summer.  it's been fun, if a bit sweaty.  i'll look forward to seeing you next year, you in your green and blue dress, and me with my arms extended to welcome you in a warm embrace.  until then, stay cool (well, you know what i mean).  and to you, my dear autumn, i offer a hearty welcome.  it's about time you showed up with your football sounds and cider smells.  i've missed the crunch of leaves underfoot and the aroma of a hooded sweatshirt that's been buried in the cedar chest for months.  welcome, indeed.  make yourself right at home.

-now playing:  michael franti and spearhead's "say hey (i love you)" from that corona light commercial.  once that song gets in my head, i just can't stop singing it.  plus, anyone who knows me knows that i love the lyric, "the more i see the less i know."  that's like my life's motto.  here's the vid:

-if you want to see an article i wrote about the steelers and a great sack on vince young last week, you can check it out here

-seriously, thanks for all the feedback on yesterday's post about jeremiah, both here and on facebook.  i will be incorporating some of your thoughts into my sermon on sunday.  that's the power of the interwebs, people!

-speaking of birthdays, the world's oldest man according the guinness book of world records turned 114 years old yesterday.  that is correct.  one hundred plus fourteen.  that's like living to be 57, and then doing it again!  think about it, the dude was born in the flipping eighteen hundreds!  he says the secret to his long life has been, "cigarettes, whiskey, and wild, wild women."  sigh.  i guess i'm not going to make it very long, then.  but at his birthday speech, he at least did go on to say that we need to have faith, and that "with all the hatred in this world....let us be kind to one another."  in an age of suicide bombers, and burning korans, that seems like pretty good idea.  you can read the full story here. 

-just in case you forgot, it's still baseball season.  and my yankees are currently 2.5 games up on the rays in the american league east.  and it looks like they'll be making the post season one way or the other.  so, not only is it my favorite time of the year according to the weather, it's also the best time of the year in sports: baseball and football!  booyah!

-i hope you have a great wednesday, and know one thing:  i love you, i love you, i love you. 


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