Tuesday, September 07, 2010

our family art project

last night we had a little bit of extra time, having eaten our dinner a little early, and we were noticing the beautiful sunflower arrangement that had been given to us, and so an idea occurred to us for a great family activity: what if we all tried to draw or artistically represent the sunflowers in our own way?  a kind of family art project!  so we cleaned up dinner and got out all sorts of art supplies and got busy.  here are a couple more pictures of the beautiful flowers: 

now, to see what each member of our family came up with, click the "keep reading button right below.

here you see a picture of all four of our creations, and the following will give you a close up of each one.

Caedmons work of art:

Jackson's work of art:

Shannon's work of art:

my work of art:

we had a blast with this little family experiment, and i was surprised the kids' attention spans lasted as long as they did.  below you can see a short video with the before and after of our project.  have a great tuesday!


Emoly said...

they are beautiful!!! (both the flowers and the works of art)

cathyq said...

Loved the video. I felt like I was right there with you all...wish I was! Great fun!

Bill Uebbing said...

Very cool. Just proves again we all see the world differently through our eyes.