Tuesday, August 10, 2010

training camp, 2010

well, i had an awesome day at training camp yesterday, although it was brutally hot.  i went by myself, so i really enjoyed just being able to run around and see whatever i wanted and do whatever i wanted.  i stood by the gate and watched all the players walk down into practice, and then sort of alternated between fields during drills and scrimmages.  i was lucky enough to be very close to the action when coach lebeau returned to training camp after being away for his incredible hall of fame weekend, and all the players and coaches greeted him.  it was a pretty cool moment.  here is a picture of tomlin welcoming lebeau back to camp.

practice was good, and i enjoyed watching everyone do the drills, especially the rookies.  i was most impressed with ziggy hood, who looked like a man possessed, with motor that just wouldn't stop yesterday.  he looked great.  as far as rookies go, antonio brown looked great as a wide receiver, catching some sweet passes, and i was also impressed with rashard mendenhall, who looked very good.  i got a bunch of pictures, but don't want to share them all here, so if you click here you'll be taken to my facebook album and can check them out there. 

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Toni Tralala said...

I know it's odd but I sometimes enjoy watching practices over the game itself.

I like the last photo in the entry.