Wednesday, August 11, 2010

more from training camp

tuesday afternoon i stopped back in at training camp in latrobe, but this time i did a bit less studying players and watching drills.  i had both of my boys with me, and while i was thinking we'd just drive home yesterday afternoon, they were insistent that we go to see "the steeler guys," so we went.  i didn't think they'd really like it, since the heat index was 103 yesterday, and the whole thing is centered around watching guys practice football, but they loved it!  we first went to the steelers store and picked something up  (they got free magnets there, and nothing makes my kids happier than swag), then we went to the concession stand and got some enormous freeze pops, most of which ended up in the grass, on their clothes, and covering 93% of their epidermis.  i'm pretty sure that while i was watching the defensive backs do some drills, my children literally bathed in freeze pop juice. 

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after the final bit of sticky sweet liquid was spread on some uncovered area of skin, we moved over to the steeler experience, which is a huge field set up with all kinds of activities for kids, and they had a blast.  they had a moonbounce and a place where you could try and kick a field goal, or throw a ball through a circle, or run a football obstacle course, and lots more.  they really loved this, and had a great time with it.  they also ran a 40-yard dash, but were particularly impressive on the obstacle course because at the end of it, when you jump over the last hurdle, the staff member throws a football to you.  both of my children caught the football!  they were so proud of themselves (and i was mighty proud of them, too!).  here are some of the pictures of the day....if you want to see more of them, just click here

after the steeler experience, we went back over to chuck noll field, drank some water and watched about 25 minutes of hurry-up offense situations with both the first teams and second teams.  it was fun to watch, and even more fun for me that jackson seemed pretty interested.  he kept wanting to find troy polamalu and hines ward because he said that hines is my hero and troy is his hero.  then i pulled them both next to me in a sweaty sticky side hug and told them that they're my heroes. 

we had a great day.

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