Tuesday, August 31, 2010

first day of school 2010, part 2

well, we made it to the second half of "first day of school" and here are the pictures to prove it.  at least cade is only in school for a couple of hours; that seems more bearable, although it does seem strange to leave your youngest child at school.  there's no one left at home!  it's our first "empty nest" experience.  yikes.

we were doing the "abc's" with him before he left for school today, and here's how he sings them:  a - b - c - d - e - f - g - 8 -9 - 10 - 11 - 12!  i know that "h" sounds like "8," but it seems that he has things more than a little bit confused:

to see how jack's first day went, click on the "keep reading" link below

jack's first day went pretty well, as far as we could gather.  he was in a bit of a bad mood when i picked him up, but i think that was due to the fact that it was approaching temperatures in excess of 140 degrees in sunbury.  he was frustrated about the heat, the walk home, and my incessant questioning about his day.  once he cooled off and relaxed a little, the details slowly started to come out: he liked his teacher; he never went to the bathroom (to shy to ask?); he is excited about gym tomorrow; he didn't eat his lunch fast enough; and so on.  he seemed excited about going back today, which is good because he needs to learn that his last name is "milinovich" not "minovich." 

so there is much to learn, and a long school year in which to do all kinds of learning.  i am excited about the journey they will take in school, so much so that i think i'll be writing a whole post about that tomorrow.  see ya' then!

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julie said...

what a good-looking boy! :) i love "minovich"... a valiant effort! keep us posted - i love reading about my 2 favorite boys in the world!