Tuesday, August 24, 2010

different house...same ol' dance parties

every once in a while, we get charged with an epiphanal experience, like a bolt of movement-inducing lightning, and we just have to dance.  we call it a dance party.  they are not planned events.  they just occur sometimes, without warning or pattern.  but when they happen, they are a complete joy.  i have one particularly fond memory of marching around the dining room table with the whole family to the entire length of a chieftains song.  you just never know what it's going to be. 

i was a bit worried that with the change of scenery of moving, we might not connect in the same way to the joy-core of the universe, that maybe we were in some sort of "hotspot" in clinton or something, but it seems that it isn't a climate or geography issue, so much as a personality one.  which delights me.  the other night, jack was wearing his scooby-doo boxers, put a bucknell headband around his torso and a backwards steelers hat on his head, and BAM, it hit.  he became a kind of dancing ninja and just went crazy.  it was awesome.  of course, the camera came out to document the random strike of unchoreographed glory, and, if you would like to see the pictures, follow the link below.  enjoy!


Mary said...

umm....wow. those visuals are remarkable. can he bring the sweat band to our reception?

greg. said...

absolutely. but i'm not sure which one of us will be wearing it.