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999, and other randomosities

you are currently reading my 999th post, which means (for the mathematically-challenged readers) that my next post will be my one thousandth.  of that thousand, at least 10 were worth reading, so i'm just wondering...does anyone have any favorites?  what was/is your favorite agentorange post(s)?  maybe i'll do a little "best of" feature for my 1,000th. 

-in other randomosity, i never really got the chance to write about it, but the steelers played their first preseason game this weekend, and won, which is completely irrelevant, since the games don't count.  still, it was fun to see the black and gold in live action again.  things i am excited about: dennis dixon getting a chance; isaac redman running over people; daniel sepulveda kicking off; improvement from lamar woodley, lawrence timmons, key fox, rashard mendenhall and mike wallace; and seeing hines ward continuing his unorthodox trip to canton.  oh, and the steelers winning plenty of games. 

-currently listening to "agaetis byrjun" by sigur ros.  still so heavenly. 

-did anyone read this story?  it's about a guy who was having all kinds of trouble breathing, and when doctors saw dark spots in his lungs, they assumed it was cancer until all the cancer tests came back negative.  perplexed, they did more tests until they discovered that he literally had a pea plant growing inside his lung.  i don't know how he got sunlight in there, but it's pretty cool that he became his own little organic farm. 

-shannon's birthday is this saturday, so, if you're facebook friends with her, be sure and send her a little birthday love this weekend.  she deserves it.

-i can't believe that it's already the middle of august, and that school will be starting up so soon.  where did this summer go?  sigh.

-thanks to all my readers for the myriad of puke stories on facebook yesterday in response to my post about my kayaking experience.  it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who can't keep a good meal down.  and also that i'm not the only one who has trouble keeping the story to myself!  some of you certainly outdid me.  however, i didn't share about the time i once puked in front of a whole church of people.  yeah, that one was pure smoothness.  i was a teenager, and i was feeling really sick as church was starting.  i wanted to go up to the sanctuary to tell my parents that i was going to go home because i felt awful, and i knew that they sat in one of the front rows (we went to a pretty large church), so i thought i would use the stairs that took me through a door right in the front of the sanctuary.  as i got in the sanctuary and approached the front pews, i made a holy mess of my peanut butter captain crunch (or whatever my sugary breakfast of choice had been that morning) all over the red carpet right in front of the chancel.  church was to start in less than 5 minutes.  my sinse of timing and abundance of embarrassing stories continue to amaze even me.  so smooth.

-ummm...this is disturbing

-finally, i hope your day is as good as this:


Justin said…
Losing my religion, and my second most embarrassing moment are a couple of favorites
Emoly said…
If I have to pick a favorite post without going back through all 999, the one I remember best (and with the help of your tags) is the Windows of Israel.

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