Thursday, July 22, 2010


AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  i'm so excited! it's a surprise, because it wasn't supposed to happen for another month, but i'm an uncle again this morning, as my brand new neice was born at 6:01 this morning and Amelia Catherine is doing great.  can't wait to meet her!  i barely slept last night in anticipation, but it was so worth it.  isn't she beautiful? 


NJ Grandma said...

She is beautiful congratulations to the whole family. Just wanted to check to see what time your church service is on Sundays? Hope to see you soon. Hope you are all settled in and things are going well for you at your new church. Take care

greg. said...

my services start at 10am on sundays. sunday school is 9-9:45, worship is 10-11ish. hope to see you soon!