Saturday, July 31, 2010

random stuff and saturday song: steeler nation rise

some thoughts on this sleepy saturday morning:

--vbs is over, and was a wonderful (if exhausting) experience, not only as a pastor, but also as a father, whose children absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to go each night.

--my kids are currently watching mr. roger's neighborhood on pbs.  i didn't realize it was on anymore (it wasn't on in new jersey) and mr. rogers, after feeding his fish, just showed us how fortune cookies are made in picture picture.  such a great show. 

--yesterday was seriously like new year's day for me, as a steeler fan.  it's so exciting.  after vbs i came home last night and watched every video i could from the steelers website and the local news outlets, and read every blog and every report.  it is steelers time, baby!

--how am i supposed to read books about dinosaurs to my kids when these paleontologists have named dinosaurs things like "tuojiangosaurus" and "eustreptospondylus?"  that's just ridiculous. 

--we're going camping next week, so i set up our tent yesterday just to make sure it was all good and to air it out a bit.  the kids loved it.  they immediately went in the house and brought out all their pillows and blankets.  even thought it was mid morning and the thermometer was climbing.  then they wanted to eat lunch in there.  i love kids: so impractical but so in love with life.  i need more of that in my life. 

--and so today, for your saturday song, i'm sharing with you my FAVORITE steelers song (there are more to choose from than you might think, though most are pretty awful).  this song is by a guy named joby harris, is called "steeler nation rise," and is just full of the energy and passion that comes with being a fan of the black and gold.  enjoy!

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