Friday, July 30, 2010


i've been feeling it come on the last couple of days, getting stronger every day.  at first it was just a tingle, and i wasn't sure if it was just something i ate or lack of sleep, but by the third day, i was convinced that i was infected.  yep...i got it.  i tend to get it around this time each year.  it starts off gradually but eventually builds to a  full-scale sickness.  it causes irrational obsessions and out-of-control fascination with all things black and gold.  that's right...i got it....steelers fever. 

it's been getting worse and worse, but i waited until today to tell you because, well, today is the day when the players report to camp, lugging all their stuff with them to saint vincent collage for a few weeks of hot competition and practice, setting the table for what will surely be an interesting season of adversity for these pittsburgh steelers. 

if you were to spend some time with me today, you would surely hear me humming to myself, "it's the most wonderful time of the year..."   what with baseball climbing towards its fall pinnacle, and football camps just beginning, it really is the perfect time of the sports year.  i'll be showing my support by being out at latrobe to watch some steeler practices next week, so come and meet me there if you'd like!  just remember that i am considered highly contagious and you will likely become infected yourself.  and what could be better than that?


margaretdrew16 said...

YOU are so funny!! I love it!!!

greg. said...

awww...shucks... :)