Saturday, June 12, 2010

a new thing

hello friends.  hope you're having a wonderful weekend.  i am writing to you from the inaugural session of the susquehanna conference of the united methodist church.  this new conference is a kind of merger between the former central pennsylvania conference and the former wyoming conference (the part which included northeast pennsylvania).  this will now be the conference which i will be a part of (technically on loan to) for the future.  it is exciting to be here, to be a part of a new thing God is doing in this region, and to begin my journey here.  i know a few familiar faces, and the music is being provided by my friend Mark Miller from new jersey, so it's great to feel that connection to home today.  as i sit here in this conference i feel very much like i'm straddling some border between "here" and "there," with one foot in new jersey and one foot in pennsylvania; one foot in saying goodbye and one foot in saying hello; one foot in fondly remembering the past and one foot in excitedly anticipating the future.  i am on the cusp of a new thing...

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Emoly said...

and how fitting that their Bible verse tag line (whatever you call it) just happens to be; "See I am doing a new thing" from Isaiah!! How many times have you remembered Jeremiah 29:11?? I love how God works in our lives and sometimes we don't see his plan until we're in the middle of it. Enjoy your new Conference. I hope the new changes help you find your footing quicker.
ps: the word verification for me is "pack" how appropriate!