Tuesday, June 08, 2010

my son graduated (from preschool)

i'm pretty sure when i graduated from eighth grade, i got a little certificate and a small ceremony in which the principal mispronounced my last name.  that's it.  no fanfare.  no pomp.  no circumstance.  just a pat on the back and a "now go to high school and get 'er done." 

but things have changed, it seems.  two weeks ago my 5-year old finished his second year of preschool.  preschool.  the very word gives you a clue here: he hasn't even gone to school yet!  it is PRE-school.  but, he graduated, had a program, got a diploma, and a luncheon.  some of the other parents brought their children flowers and gifts, which made us feel like total loser parents, but the more i thought about it, the more i was okay with our lack of excessive behavior.  i mean, it's preschool, for crying out loud.  he got a report card and his lowest grade was in "skipping."  so my son can't skip.  he can, however, write his name, draw a line, count to 17 and listen during circle time.  wow!  let's buy him a car! 

still, it was a fun moment, and, just like the other parents, we dutifully lined up with camera and video camera, and digitally documented the drama of the day.  here is the evidence:

his chair

displaying some art


waving the flag

an appropriate use for the diploma/telescope

the official document

jack with his teachers

and so our son is graduated (sniff sniff).  i can't believe he's come this far.  i mean, next year he'll be writing lower case letters!  and before you know it, he'll be registering for college classes. 

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