Monday, June 21, 2010

i love me

well, that may be true to a lesser or greater extent, but i'm referring here to maine (ME), from whence we've just returned.  we had a wonderfully relaxing and isolated 5 days, and i'm glad we took the time to go up, even in the midst of everything that still needs to be packed and done.  it was good for the soul to get away, even to what feels a bit like the edge of things up there, what with all the rocks and the icy ocean crashing itself repeatedly, as if trying to break the world into sand.  i'll probably be sharing several picks from the trip over the next week or so, but here are a few introductory picks from our vacation. 

now only this week remains for us as residents of new jersey.  hard to believe that my 12-year stint in the garden state is coming to a close.  anyway, shannon and i are frantically packing and cleaning and tying up loose ends and trying to get everything done in time for moving day.  i'll be posting some more pics from maine, and possibly some final thoughts on moving this week.  i hope you are enjoying your middle june. 

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Crafty P said...

looks amazing! so want to go there sometime. hope you share more pics even in the midst of it all. don't pack those boxes too full, someone has to lift them!

ps if you need a diversion... I am still reeling from my amazing experience in an old friend's living room. sigh