Thursday, June 03, 2010

going to the cathedral

today i am going here...

to hopefully see this guy...

do this...

the yankees have won four in a row, and need to keep the trend going against the orioles today, to finish up the series sweep.  a wonderful friend from church invited me to the game this afternoon, which means i get to see cc sabathia hopefully straighten out his recent troubles and have some fun with the orioles anemic offense.  i also hope to see cano continue his incredible hot streak, the cisco kid hustling down the line, gardner beating out an infield hit, and the captain just being the captain.  i'll be the one wearing his #2 jersey, appreciating every moment in the cathedral of baseball. 

last night, in anticipation, i watched this dvd:

and, among other things, it reminded me of the absolute thrill of walking into a ballpark.  i have written about this before, but i still remember the first time i walked into a ballpark.  it was three rivers stadium in pittsburgh, and it literally took my breath away.  i thought i had entered another dimension or another world.  it was like a secret that the world had been keeping from me.  it was as if God had poured a bit of heaven into that giant concrete bowl.  and to this day, i still feel that way.  when i catch my first glimpse of the green grass, i get goosebumps.  this, for me, is sacred space.  not in some sacreligious way, but in a way that is hallowed and special.  this game called baseball holds a special place in my heart, and these are the places where it is convened.  and this particular one - yankee stadium - well it is the mecca of them all, at least for me. 

and so i won't be taking today for granted.  i'll be trying to see every detail.  in my head i'll be pretending that i'm calling the game on the radio.  i'll be hoping a foulball comes my way.  i'll be eating a hotdog and probably some peanuts.  i'll be cherishing every second, every detail, every crack of the bat, every throw to first, every managerial move, and every sound and smell. 

go yankees!

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