Monday, May 24, 2010

lost in sleepiness

when you don't go to bed until after 1 am, then it's hard to blog before noon. 

and the reason i was up so late?  lost.

no, i didn't get lost, but i was watching the series finale.  a show shannon started watching right from the beginning and pulled me into during the second season, has come to an end.  and just like life, it seemed to end with more questions than answers.  for those of you who never really got into the show or who tried it and just didn't like it, i can say that the appeal for me was the questions and the characters.  the characters were flawed people, nearly always navigating the land between "good" and "bad," just like i am.  the questions were the thing that really got me, though.  i found that it was one of the few pieces of television art that didn't give easy answers.  it left it wide open.  which is how i've found life to be.  and so, for that reason, i enjoyed the finale, and the whole series.  i will miss it.

yesterday we also went to the adventure aquarium in camden, nj.  we had been wanting to take the boys there for awhile, and wanted to get it in before we packed up and moved west.  so we did, and it was awesome.  i'll have some pics later this week, but it is just so cool to watch the sharks and other amazing creatures swimming in the huge tanks.  it really is mesmerizing. 

this weekend we also had a wonderful celebration of our ministry and time here in clinton, thrown by the church with over 200 people in attendance.  what an overwhelming show of love and support that truly was breathtaking for me.  i am still nearly speechless at what a gift these last four years have been to me and my family.  we are overjoyed. 

and that's about all i've got today.  i need to close my eyes for a minute and try to catch up on a bit of what i lost last night: sleep.  see you tomorrow.

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