Thursday, May 27, 2010

if acorns were coconuts...

in today's randomland, you might be interested to learn that country music legend willie nelson has cut off his famous long hair.
also, in honor of the late art linkeletter, i will share with you that caedmon found an acorn today and told me that he had found a coconut.  oh how i wish that every acorn was a coconut.  that would be amazing. 
in other news, there is apparently a great deal of oil (which looks like black smoke in the water) coming from a hole in the ground.  has anyone in BP thought about locating all the jack shephards in the world and seeing if one of them is somehow capable to put a big rock cork in the hole?  seems to me that it just might work. 
and, for kicks and grins, and in case you need to give yourself a pep talk, watch this video, get to your closest mirror, and repeat:

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