Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day, 2010

formerly known as "decoration day," memorial day is a day to remember that the life we live didn't just happen.  it was bought at a price by many who had to make incredible sacrifices.  as citizens we may not agree with every war and every sacrifice that was made, but we have to recognize that some have valued our freedoms so deeply that they have been willing to offer themselves in its defense.  and that is worth celebrating.  and for those whose service has cost them their very lives, we must stand and salute.  we must put down our memorial day snacks and offer a "thank you" into the great cloud of those who have given up everything.  we must take at least this day to remember not only that what we have is something many have thought is worth protecting, but also that many of those who protected it have lost their lives in that service.  today, we remember them.  with gratitude and respect.  we remember. 



Ooh, nice... happy memorial day!!!

Crafty P said...

good thoughts! Well said.