Wednesday, April 21, 2010


mixed media collage on canvas board
gregory a. milinovich

here is a collage i made a while back called "possible."  just a little visual reminder - at least to me - that each day is a canvas laden with possibility, with opportunity, and with potential. 
what will you make with your day? 
what will you do today? 
where will you go? 
who will you love, and how will you do it? 
how will your turn the darkness into light? 
how will you give thanks today, for most this amazing day? 

the possibilities are endless. 

i pray that, in whatever way is given to you,
you find a way to fly in this day. 
it is


Eric said...

Yea-- I like it. I thought it was interesting that in the middle of your collage is one lempira, the currency from Honduras! Awesome!

greg. said...

i wondered who would be the first to catch that...of course it was you! ha!

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