Monday, April 26, 2010

cade's third birthday

so yesterday was cade's birthday and we celebrated on saturday with a small batman-themed party.  he has been on a batman kick for quite some time now, so i busted out the old batman/superman cake kit that my mom made me when i was a kid (it's from 1977, the year after i was born, so basically it is really old):

i had never made one of these before, but i thought it turned out ok for a first time.  that's right: i made the cake this time.  i know you all realize that shannon is the master cake-maker in our family, but i took the reins this time and knocked a pretty tasty and sweet-looking batman cake.  as you can see from my cake above, it sort of looks like batman has a growth on the left side of his abdomen, or an enlarged heart or something, so i'm hoping its not serious.  the good news is that almost every night before bed, cade says a prayer for batman and robin, so that should help. 

in any case we had a nice party, and Cade's favorite part, of course was opening his presents and then watching all the adults in the room struggle to remove the toys from the packaging. 

my parents were in town so they got to celebrate the little guy's third birthday with us, and that was fun, so we all had a good time.  he got pancakes for his birthday meal, since he seems to love pancakes and waffles, as much as anything, although it's hard to tell what his favorite is since he eats basically everything.  thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday.  he is a blessed boy, and is a blessing beyond.


Cindy said...

I am really impressed that you made the cake! Great Great job!!

Emoly said...

other then the over-zealous frosting, or "growth" as you call it, I am very impressed with your cake-decorating skills!! But really, was it tasty?