Wednesday, April 07, 2010

another random wednesday

hey's a random wednesday!  some of you have told me that these random "stream of conciousness" posts are your favorite, so who am i to stop now?  i'll keep them coming when i can!

first of all, the yankees evened out their record to 1-1 after a 6-4 win over the red sox lasts night.  i must say that with baseball being back, and the weather in new jersey weighing in at about 85 degrees, it feels like summer.  and that is okay with me.  i have missed you, baseball.  welcome back. 

this year for lent i taught a class at church called "chocolate for lent," which used the movie chocolat to explore several lenten themes like sacrfice, hospitality, change and spiritual growth.  i had nearly 20 regulars who took the course, and i really enjoyed the weekly dialogue as we grew together as a group.  last night we ended the course with a chocolate themed dinner, complete with a chocolate fountain, and a couple of entrees made with chocolate (chicken mole and a balsamic beef with semi-sweet chocolate).  yum.  it was a great night of yumminess, as well as a good way to finish our journey through lent with a focus on how God wants us to change.

what does it mean to "get a leg up?"

currently listening to: the avett brothers "four thieves gone"

this friday at our reel life: discussions on film and faith we will be watching vantage point and discussing how our perspective can make such a difference in how we interpret events and relationships and even scripture.  should be an interesting conversation.  if you're in the clinton area, come and join us at 12 halstead street in clinton at 6pm

if someone came to my son cade and offered that he could become batman if only he would sell his soul, i'm pretty sure he would take that deal in a heartbeat.  here is a picture of him from last weekend out in public. 

we've been attacked the last week or so by a battalion of what appears to be an infinite number of tiny ants.  i'm not talking about the big fat juicy ants that crunch when you step on them, or even the mid-sized, better-gas-mileage brown and red ants that you see in your garden.  i'm talking about ants the size of grains of sand, and just as numerous.  they're very entertaining for the kids, who like to look for them and squish them with their little fingers, but these ants emit a foul odor when you crush them.  we've set ant traps and sprayed all over the house, but so far we haven't had much luck.  any ideas on how to get rid of the world's largest army of sand ants?  help!

if you're a sigur ros fan, you might want to check out lead singer jonsi's new album "go" which came out yesterday.  it is $7 at amazon.  good stuff.

we are currently beginning the stressful stuff of moving.  this week we are meeting with three different moving companies who will be giving us estimates.  since we are moving out of conference this time, we will have to pay for a third of the move.  plus, the two conferences have different rules for what churches are supposed to provide as far as furniture is concerned, so we will be moving to a house that has no furniture.  this means that we need a dining room table and chairs, and a whole living room suit as well.  so, needless to say, we are searching craig's list pretty hard.  the whole prospect of packing and buying furniture and making decisions about what to keep/get rid of is overwhelming me right now.  it just feels too big.  we did get started, though, packing a few boxes.  and so it begins. 

so if you've got some extra boxes, or a nice couch that you'd like to sell, let us know.  we're in the market.  we are also looking for indentured servants.  : )

have a great - and focused - wednesday,


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,
I am a collegue from GNJUMC who enjoys reading your posts for inspiration and reflection.

I have been on vacation so am just catching up and saw your question about ants. It may be too late now but for future reference I wanted to share what has been most helpful for us in our parsonage with this pesky problem. We tried the sprays and other with no luck but "Terro Ant Baits" (available at Lowes) have been great. You put this liquid stuff on the tray they provide and place them in spots where you have seen the ants come from. The ants come out of the woodwork (literally!) and eat the liguid bringing it back to where they live. The first 12 hours is creepy to watch it because they come out in droves and you have to let them be, but within a day they are GONE. It is amazing how well this works with no foul odor or clean up and it is reasonably priced. Thought I'd share this in case you ever needed help with this issue again.

Blessings on your new appointment!
Kim Wecht

Emoly said...

I'm not an indentured servant, but I can paint! We're hoping to be able to help you out. Do you have a move date yet? I think that is what is dependent upon our trip... :)