Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ripped and hungover

-i saw my first bee of the season yesterday.  he was a stinger-laden reminder that each season brings its glories and its burdens.  buzzing haphazardly, he was stumbling around like one who has been locked in his room for a few months, with some sort of honey hangover. 

-speaking of hangover, i'm still pretty upset about the whole ben roethlisberger situation.  i remember when he came out of college and he seemed to really have his head on straight in terms of his faith and his behavior, but things sure have changed.  i don't know if he did what these women have said he did or not, but i do know that he's going to clubs late at night with an entorouge like he's God's gift to the world.  if you find yourself in the places where trouble happens, you will find yourself in trouble, plain and simple.  ben, i know you are a regular reader of this blog, so if you're reading this, please call me.  let's talk.  i want to tell you that i've done all kinds of really disappointing things in my life.  i want to tell you that God's mercy is greater than our sin. i want to tell you that you need to get your stuff together now because you are jeopardizing not only your team and your reputation, but your very life.  i want to tell you that you can still make all this right, and, turn things around.  i want to tell you that i believe in you.  i just want to help you however i can. 

-i'm hoping the steelers are over their superbowl hangover.  they normally make it all the way through the free-agency period with all the excitement of a yawn, but this year they've been busy, resigning their own free agents (casey hampton, jeff reed, ryan clark) and bringing in some new (or old) players (battle, allen, randle el).  now if we can make sure we'll have a focused quarterback under center, we might be ready to wake up and play this year.  we shall see.

-however, before august comes april.  baseball is in the air.  i can finally see the grass in my yard.  it smells like baseball.  my vista from the couch in my living room is a giant green movie screen, constantly looping the springtime favorites: the natural, field of dreams, the rookie, eight men out, major league, and bull durham, to name a few.  even though the big leagues are pretty much confined to arizona and florida right now, the smell of leather is near.  i can feel it. 

-i watched a really interesting film yesterday called "rip! a remix manifesto" dealing with copyright laws and the future of culture and art, particularly in terms of music.  the 90 minute or so documentary deals with questions of who owns ideas, and how the concept of intellectual property is not only limiting artists, but science and medicine as well.  i know the film only represents one side of the argument, but it was well done and certainly interesting for me as an artist who essentially creates out of the detritus of others' art.  according to the strictest interpretation of copyright laws, i am likely in violation.  but should i be?  isn't all art, in one way or another, an assemblage of collected ideas.  "there is nothing new under the sun,"  says the writer of ecclesiastes. 

-in case anyone is counting, i now have 10,601 songs on my ipod.  shuffle is my best friend.  it is my own personal radio station. 

-i recently sold this collage.  it is, i think, my favorite of all that i have made.  i'm glad it found a good home. 

"study in tissue"
mixed media collage on art papter
gregory a. milinovich

4 comments: said...

My son LOVES baseball. In fact he learned his seasons in terms of sports... as in spring is when baseball starts... fall is when football starts. He tolerates football... seems to get more into it now that he has a better understanding of the game, but his passion is for baseball... no idea where he got it from as my husband and I are crazy Steelers fans but really could care less about baseball. But we support his passion. Anyway, Fri we were driving to PA and Scott had me look up online to see how the free agency was going... we were talking football and my son pipes up from the back seat... "Guys, football is over... it is time to focus on baseball."

Oh how I hope Ben takes your advice.

greg. said...

believe it or not, i am basically torn between football and baseball. i love them both in very different ways. one without the other would be very disappointing to me, i think. i just wish both sports had year-round seasons. :)

NJ Grandma said...

Your last collage you sold (the purple paper) was one of my favorites also. Looking to add to my collection :)

greg. said...

well, NJGrandma, let me know what you are interested in...i am delighted that you like them.