Monday, March 15, 2010

lent collages 2010: get up

yeah, it's monday morning already, which means it's time for my latest Lent collage.  as we continue our journey through this holy season with our gaze locked on peter, we spent yesterday talking about that crazy story, the transfiguration.  we talked about the mystery of this story, and the glory of it all.  and then we talked about peter's part in it all: after Jesus turned brilliant white and starting shining like the sun, and after moses anad elijah showed up and started talking with Jesus, peter decided it was time to speak up.  he said, "Jesus, this is awesome.  this is really cool.  if you want, i'll be happy to build some shelters for you and moses and elijah so we can make this last for awhile." 

and almost immediately he hears God's voice from the clouds, saying "this is my Son, with whom i am very pleased.  I want you to listen to him."  and peter, of course, falls down on his face.  and then in matthew 17 we read that Jesus comes over to peter and touches him and says, "get up." 

just that simple.  get up.  get going.  we can't stay here.  yes, it is awesome.  yes, it is a mountaintop experience.  yes, it is good to have those incredible moments in life.  but we can't stay there.  we can't allow ourselves to transform from sojourners to settlers.  we can't allow our faith to become marked by stagnancy.  we can't allow ourselves to grow comfortable with old answers and past experiences.  we must move forward.  we must listen to Jesus, who keeps surprising us, and we must "get up." 

"lent 2010: get up"
mixed media collage on hardcover book board
gregory a. milinovich

so here's hoping that you can find the courage to listen to Jesus this Lent, and to get up out of whatever stagnancy you've fallen into.  get up!

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