Wednesday, March 03, 2010

clothes don't make the man, but friends do

even though i am now this old:

i got this for my birthday from my mom and dad:

so thankfully i'm not 86 years old, but i am delighted to finally have a legitimate steelers jersey.  for as big a fan as i am, i have only had the crappy wal-mart $16 knock-off version until now.  i feel like i've finally arrived, and of course it couldn't be anyone's but hines ward's.  as you may well know, he is my favorite all-time football player.  i also got this hilarious t-shirt:

and shannon got me a voucher good for yankees tickets, so it was a good birthday in terms of wonderful gifts that i will enjoy (including the coasters that my sons made me for my coffee at work).  but even more than the gifts i was amazed through the power of facebook at the sheer quantity of people who wished me a happy day; people from every chapter of my life so far.  what a blessed man i am!  and it's not just quantity, but quality, too!  i lead such a rich life, having journeyed with so many wonderful people, and, through the power of technology, continuing to stay in touch with so many of you.  i feel so full of joy here at the beginning of my 35th year.  can you picture me?  i'm the one in the hines ward jersey waving at you with a satisfied smile on his face.  thank you. 

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Crafty P said...

I love that you still love getting t-shirts and steeler stuff.

hope you have a wonderful birthday month (I'm celebrating it all month long! ;)