Wednesday, March 31, 2010

and the greatest of these

we've just finished with a genesis-level amount of rain here in new jersey the last few days, but this morning as i write this, i see that the sun has rediscovered us.  and none too early.  you see, this is a big weekend.  it's easter weekend, after all, and the first weekend of april.  there will be people traveling and visiting, and trips to playgrounds.  there will be easter egg hunts and sunrise services.  there will be new pink dresses and  ill-fitting suits.  there will be chocolate and a cornocopia of everything pastel.  and so many more reasons to get down on your knees and beg for sunshine.  and the greatest of these is baseball.

that's right: that great american pasttime where grown men attempt to hit a little white ball with a stick - baseball.  the only sure sign of spring, complete with the sounds and smells to prove it.  i've been waiting for it for 5 months, and this sunday - Easter sunday - it returns with yankees vs. red sox.  easter is the perfect backdrop for this perfect opening game: a canvas on which the story of good vs evil can once again play out.  the glory of the yankees, shining forth as they begin to defend their 27th world championship, demonstrating again the power of good over evil. 

whether you love them or hate them, the yankees are the face of baseball.  and this sunday, that face shines again, as baseball wakes up from its entombed offseason, shakes off the burial cloths, and gets started as the garden of little boys' dreams once again.  or at least this little boy, who once again will be huddled in front of the tv, albeit with a supply of chocolate eggs somewhere nearby, watching the game be born again for a new year.  it's spring!  it's time to be alive again!  play ball!

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